(Applies to K1PQ 444.950, N1BUG 147.105 and any other PARC related repeaters)

1. Always identify yourself according to the regulations. This means every ten (10) minutes and at the end of your transmission. This is not only PARC’s policy; it is also required by our license. It never hurts to give your station’s call sign more than less. It helps other users know you are there if they are listening. When checking into a net or making an initial call, it is helpful to use phonetics.

2. Avoid lengthy conversations, pause between transmissions. This in no way means keep the repeater quiet. On the contrary, the repeater is on the air to be used and we are very happy when it is busy. It does, however, mean that we all should remember to leave pauses so others can get in if they need to use the repeater.

3. Always yield the frequency to a breaking station (any station with emergency traffic). The pro sign “break” has a very specific meaning on ham radio. So if you hear it, then give them the frequency. If you use it, remember the importance of its use. Ham radio has saved many lives and you never know when it may need to save yours.

4. Yield existing conversations to recognized activities: Weekly Nets, ARES, public service events, etc.

5. Do not engage in political soap boxing or views on religious matters. These subjects are very personal to others listening and should be avoided. Do not engage in any personal antagonisms. Keep in mind that some conversations are best held in private. Hate speech or derogatory remarks directed at any person or group (political, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual orientation, etc.) are never allowed on PARC related repeaters. Please keep that stuff to yourself, nobody wants to hear your personal rants over the airwaves.

6. Selling items OTHER than ham related equipment is not allowed, nor is conducting any business. This is not only our policy, it is prohibited by the FCC. As Amateur Radio operators, we are prohibited from gaining any pecuniary benefit from our operation of our amateur radio stations. When in doubt take it off the air.

7. PARC related repeaters are “G Rated” 24 hours a day. Watch your language. Sometimes slips happen. That being said there is a complete difference between an inadvertent slip and an intentional act. Avoid adult subjects. Many hams have children in the home and amateur radio is open to all ages.

8. If you hear stations jamming or interfering do not make any comment, ignore them. Do not antagonize those interfering! This is not going to make them stop.

9. This policy has been affirmed by the PARC membership. It is posted on K1PQ QRZ and Facebook pages. Offending stations may lose repeater access.


You may download a PDF copy of this document: PARC_Repeater_Etiquette_2016-08-22.pdf

Last update August 22, 2016

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